Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leadership Tallahassee (SS) ...

is a fantastic organization founded to "facilitate opportunities for interaction with established community leaders all for the purpose of strengthening their bond to the community" and ETE proudly recognizes our sisters who graduated from it:

Juanice H (Beta Eta - FSU) Class 6; Lynn G (Beta Eta) Class 10; Laura R (Beta Eta) Class 12; Susan S (Alpha Omega - Birmingham Southern) Class 18; Kristen S (Gamma Iota - UF/aff. Beta Eta) Class 20 and Hilary B (Gamma Chi - Stetson) Class 25

Currently, our sister Amy K (Beta Eta) is working with Leadership Tallahassee on their First Annual Leadership Conference: Community + Leadership: Empowering Leaders to Succeed, on February 26, 2010 at the all new FSU Conference Center.

They recently opened registration up to the public

We wish them great success with the event and hope many Alpha Chis attend!

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