Friday, October 23, 2015

Alumna Initiate Beth Blair in #CalendarGirls

Epsilon Tau Epsilon was so fortunate to alumna initiate Beth Blair (mom of Joy A. S. Stubbs, Gamma Iota - UF). Beth loves life, philanthropy and appreciates & partakes of the Fine Arts:  What a perfect example of a Real. Strong. Woman.

Make sure to catch Beth as Jessie at Theatre Tallahassee in the role of in Calendar Girls. This is the last weekend for the production! We also must note one of the production sponsors is COCA, and our sister Amanda works there!

Below we posted her appearance in "Love, Loss & What I Wore." Our alumna Erin (Iota Psi, Elon) said, "Beth stole the show!"

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Celebrate 130 years of Alpha Chi Omega #AXO #AXOYoungAlums #HallofCommitment

In honor of Alpha Chi Omega's 130th birthday on October 15th, we celebrate some current #axoyoungalums.

We wished our Spring 2015 Beta Eta graduates Good Luck.

May Wisdom, Devotion and Achievement go with you! Remember you ARE an Alpha Chi Omega #4lifenot4years  NEVER SAY "I was an AXO." That's so sad! Stay connected, and keep enriching your and other sisters' lives.

Round 1

Round 2
We never want our seniors to forget the importance of our lifetime bond, so if we have to have two ceremonies to accommodate their crazy schedule; we do it!