Sunday, August 29, 2010


Let's take a minute to thank our dues paying members!
Alumnae dues are voluntary, but without them, our chapter would not function.

How are your dues disbursed?

★DVA & SVA activities in the area (see recent letter from Refuge House for our donation to purchase a car seat)

★Other philanthropic causes

★AXΩ Foundation

★Collegiate chapter support (pre-recruitment, Hall of Commitment, presidential leadership basket) and more.

★Headquarters for National Alumnae dues

★State of Florida AXΩ Days

★Convention costs for ETE delegate

Aimee (Beta Eta)
Amy (Zeta Upsilon)
♪Barbara (Gamma Iota)
Barbara (Beta Eta)
Britain (Beta Eta)
Caryn (Beta Xi)
Cheyenne (Beta Eta) - graduate student
Helen (Beta Eta)
Faith (Beta Eta)
Hilary (Gamma Chi)
♥Jenny (Beta Lambda)
Jennifer (Theta Lamba)
Jessica (Gamma Iota)
Kristen (Gamma Iota/Beta Eta)
Laura (Beta Eta)
Lynda (Beta Gamma)
Maxine (Beta Eta)
Mary Budd (Beta Eta)
Marylynn (Beta Eta)
Maxine (Beta Eta)
Motney (Beta Eta)
♪Ramona (Beta Eta)
♪Sara Lou (Beta Eta)
Terri (Epsilon Zeta)

♪ - Pearl Roll giver
♥ - Hera Roll giver

We appreciate your investment in us!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thank you ETEs for your help

Thanks to all the alumnae sisters who assisted Beta Eta during recruitment! THEY COULD NOT have done it without your "behind the scenes" help. We appreciate your LIFETIME commitment to Alpha Chi Omega and for setting a great example for collegians to follow!

Tara R (Beta Eta, FSU)
Lynda M (Beta Gamma, LSU)
Aggie S (Beta Eta, FSU)
Patti I (Beta Eta, FSU)
Alexz G (Beta Eta, FSU)
Jessica P (Gamma Iota, UF)
Cheyenne O (Beta Eta, FSU)
Jenny W (Beta Lambda, Arizona)
Betty B (Beta Eta, FSU)

Ashley C (Beta Eta, FSU)
Susan L (Beta Eta, FSU)
Amy W (Beta Eta, FSU)
Amy Z (Zeta Upsilon, CWRU)

Ashley E S (Gamma Iota, UF)
Nancy H (Gamma Omicron, Marshall)
Betty A (Gamma Zeta, Kansas State)
Shanna H (Beta Eta, FSU)
Lauren B (Beta Eta, FSU)
Jenn B H (Theta Lamdba, Clemson)
Meagan D (Kappa Xi, UWF)
Kristen S (Gamma Iota, UF, Beta Eta, FSU)
Maria S (Beta Eta, FSU)

Danielle G (Beta Eta, FSU)
Karen H (Beta Eta, FSU)
Erin B (Iota Psi, Elon)
Chelsie W (Iota Psi, Elon)
Jennifer O (Iota Psi, Elon)
Barbara C (Gamma Iota, UF)
Lauren G (Beta Eta, FSU)
Erin M (Beta Eta, FSU)
Kaitlin M (Beta Omicron, FSC)
Britain D (Beta Eta, FSU)
Jessica H (Beta Eta, FSU)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to our Sisterhood ...

... and to the Beta Eta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega!

The chapter welcomed the following new members:
Mia, Orlando
Megan, Tampa
Tia, Jacksonville
Mary Kate, Gainesville
Stephanie, Fort Lauderdale
Sydney, Savannah, GA
Courtney, Lighthouse Point
Audra, Milton
Haley, Lauderdale By The Sea
Chelsea, Jacksonville
Annalise, Orlando
Katrina, Loxahatchee
Mackenzie, Charleston, SC
Alex, Severna Park, MD
Kayla, Tampa
Lindsay, West Palm Beach
Bianca, Ft. Lauderdale
Jane, Woodbridge, VA
Lex, Coconut Creek
Kaitlyn, Gibsonton
Evan, Ponte Vedra Beach
Katie, Marietta, GA
Tori, Tampa
Amanda, Green Brook, NJ
Jamie, Jupiter
Lizzie, Key Largo
Sarah, Jensen Beach
Jessica, Tampa
Chesley, Palm Beach
Alex, Boynton Beach
Janet, Jacksonville
Kirstie, Altamonte Springs
Rachel, Fort Lauderdale
Catalina, Coral Springs
Hope, Tampa
Megan, Altamonte Springs
Richelle, Bradenton
Nicole, Naples
Kendall, Boynton Beach
Nicole, Palm Harbor
Malia, Jacksonville
Lindsey, Tampa
Jordan, Plantation
Jenna, Brandon
Ashley, Lakeland
Abbey, Ponte Vedra Beach
Rylee, Naples
Hannah, Jacksonville
Brooke, Boynton Beach
Katie Marie, Marietta, GA
Simone, Jersey City, NJ
Katelyn, Ormond Beach
Abigail, Jacksonville
Kyrsten, jacksonville
Katie, Orlando
Katelin, Brentwood, TN
Isabelle, Mercer Island, WA
Lauren, Jacksonville

Thank you to the MANY SUPPORTIVE alumnae who gave their time to the chapter:

We enjoyed help from alumnae who represented 10 different chapters!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Join us for AXO Lunch August 31st

We hope to see you at a casual lunch on Tuesday, August 31st at Uptown Café (1325 Miccosukee, on the corner of Miccosukee and Magnolia). We’ll start at 11:30am but come when you’re free and stay as long or as briefly as you are able. Check out the menu here. Click here for a map.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

You Could Win This Lyre Sculpture!

Sharing this with you because it’s always nice to help out another alumnae chapter, and we thought the prize in the drawing was really fun!

The 2010 Fundraiser for the House Corporation Board of Epsilon Psi Chapter, University of California, Irvine, is an 
  Opportunity Drawing to be held on Founder’s Day, October 15, 2010 for a   
 24” Garden Lyre.
We are hoping that many of you would like to buy a ticket (or tickets) for a chance to own this treasure The garden sculpture is a smaller version of the Lyre Sculpture featured in the Spring 2010 Lyre magazine and winner of the “Best Lyre Project” at National Convention 2010.  The wrought iron sculpture is impervious to all weather conditions and will be shipped to the winner. Retail value including shipping is approximately $320.00.

Tickets for the drawing are:                                                                                                    
1 - $10              10 - $50
3 - $20             25 - $100
5 - $30                          
 Checks for your ticket requests should be written to Alpha Chi Omega House Corp for Epsilon Psi and mailed to:
 Laurel Arnold
9 Willow Tree Lane
Irvine, CA 92612 
Once your request has been received, we will email you your ticket numbers.
 Questions? Contact Laurel Arnold at laurellarnold at aol dot com or
Jill Stroope 714-296-9592 / jillstroope at hotmail dot com
 Enclosed is my check for the Opportunity Drawing to be held on October 15, 2010.
 Telephone No.:

Welcome Sorority New Members

Several campuses have already completed sorority Recruitment for 2010-11. We like to share news of interest to our members, when we have it, and nothing is more exciting to an Alpha Chi Omega sister than knowing her chapter of initiation had a successful Recruitment!

Here are links to bid lists from a few early recruiting campuses we feel connected with. Congratulations to the women of Alpha Upsilon, Epsilon Zeta and Gamma Epsilon! 

If you have news from your chapter, please share it in a comment! Thank you! And good luck to all our AXO chapters recruiting this fall!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Congrats to collegiate chapters!

We're so excited about how many of the chapters our members care about won awards this year at Alpha Chi Omega Convention!

Congratulations, Beta Sigma (Univ of Georgia) and Epsilon Chi (Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Continuing Excellence Award winners!

Tau, Brenau, won the Campus Leadership Award!

Gamma Zeta, Kansas State, won the PACE (Promoting Alpha Chi Everyday), Chapter Management, and  Financial Management Awards! They were also a finalist for the Fraternity Appreciation Award and the Risk Management Award.

Gamma Iota, Univ of Florida, won the Intellectual Development Award.

Theta Sigma, Univ of North Florida, was a Finalist for the Recruitment Award, the Alumnae and Parent Relations Award, the Philanthropy & Service Award, and the Intellectual Development Award.

(If you missed the Beta Eta, Florida State, awards, they are listed here.)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Real. Strong. Women. - What Does it Mean?

What is an Alpha Chi Omega Woman?

We are ...

Real Women. Respectful, genuine, open, empathetic and honest. We are real women, facing real issues, in the real world. Together, we’ll offer an experience that respects and responds to the hopes, dreams, fears and realities of today’s women, in today’s world.

Strong Women. Strong in the courage of our convictions, in the confidence in our actions, and in the purpose in our hearts. Willing to do what is right – even when it’s not easy. We accept the challenge of changing how women think and act about the idea of sorority.

Do you know women you could describe with the words above? If so, talk to us about alumna membership in Alpha Chi Omega.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lunch on Saturday

Hope to see you at Po Boys on College Avenue for our annual lunch to kick off the fall semester.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Thanks to our caring and interested officers and local Tallahassee-Thomasville-Quincy-St George Island-Perry (etc.) alumnae, our chapter followed up our 2008 National Council Trophy win with awards in two categories at Alpha Chi Omega Convention earlier this month in Washington, D.C.! We won the Membership Outreach Award and the Fine Arts Award.

Jennifer (second from left) accepts the Membership Outreach Award from the 2008-2010 National Vice Presidents:

The Membership Outreach Award recognizes a chapter that goes "above and beyond" in reaching out to current and potential members. The committee was especially impressed with our Real. Strong. Women. Entrepreneurs listing (see sidebar at left). (If you have a business we can include, please let us know!)

Jennifer B (right) accepts the Fine Arts Award from Jen D. of Alpha Chi Omega's Panhellenic Delegation at the Olympian Luncheon Saturday, June 10th:

The Fine Arts Award goes to the chapter with the best "programs to advance the appreciation and practice of fine arts." We are so proud of this award, as we work hard to promote the fine arts all year round. See some examples of our support of the fine arts in these 2010 blog posts:

Y Supporting Sisters in February
Y MacDowell Month - It's Almost Here!
Y MacDowell Month: AXOs Appreciating the Arts
Y Our April - June Calendar - come play with us!
Y Tallahassee Ballet - Supporting Sisters - Fine Arts
Y Artopia for Big Bend Cares - Supporting Sisters

ETE was also a finalist for the Collegiate Support - Local Award, the PACE (Promoting Alpha Chi Everyday) Award, the Communication Award, the Sisterhood Award, the Special Event Award (for the part we played in Beta Eta's 80th Anniversary celebration) and the Domestic Violence Outreach Award.

Here are our official certificates (on left) and one of the note cards (on right) that accompany the awards:
Thank you all so much for all your contributions of time, talent and treasure! Without you we would not be a successful alumnae chapter!

Congratulations Beta Eta!

We're so proud of Beta Eta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega for the awards they brought home from our National Convention in Washington, D.C. earlier this month. Keep up the great work!

* National Council Trophy Finalist
* Advisory Board Award
* Alpha Chi Omega Foundation President's Roll

Read more about the awards (and see photos!) in two posts on the Alpha Chi Omega Florida State University alumnae and collegian blog:
Beta Eta Receives Awards at Alpha Chi Omega Convention
Beta Eta Honored by Alpha Chi Omega Foundation