Friday, February 26, 2010

Hera Day - March 1st - What is your good deed?

As in ancient times when festivals celebrated the Heraea with processions bearing gifts to Hera's temple, so now wings across the continent on March 1, an unending procession of Alpha Chis intent upon distributing happiness to many for at least one day in the year. One day is scarcely correct for the "March first" spirit is contagious and likely to become a habit.

The altruism of one fraternity enlists the interest of all other fraternities; in few orders, we believe, is there such an enthusiastic, wide-spread enjoyment of an altruistic custom as our Heraea.

Enthusiasm, indeed, of a dignified, womanly sort is one of the best of the fraternity's traditions. And enthusiasm all must have who see the relation of the attainments of the past to present; who experience the beauties and glories of art; who appreciate the capacity of the human heart for friendship and its joys; who have heard the vibrant call for service, and have felt the satisfaction in responding; and who have learned the place of the spiritual in living.

In a word, the traditions of Alpha Chi Omega guide its members into harmony with the fundamental greatness in life.

(History of Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity 1885 to 1928 by Esther Barney Wilson)

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