Sunday, January 31, 2010

Congratulations to our Tally Award Winners

BlueWater Cooking Company
Target Copy
Dr. Kirbo

The husband of 0ur alumna Joy S. (Gamma Iota) won the Tally Award for Catering! Woo Hoo, you can't beat good barbecue - a delight of the south! Give BlueWater a try and look for them at the St. George Island Regional Charity Chili Cook-off March 5, 2010.

Our sister Tracey C (Epsilon Chi) at Target Copy won the Tally Award for Signs, Printing and Promotional Products! We are glad to see all your hard work and dedication paid off Tracey!

Sister Kristen S (Gamma Iota/Beta Eta) is a nurse and P.A. for Dr. Kirbo's office. (Dr. Kirbo won best surgeon.) She loves her job, and we know she contributes greatly to his office!

Real. Strong. AwardWinners.

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