Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Help NCADV Improve Domestic Violence Shelters around the USA

Did you know the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has published the National Directory of Domestic Violence Programs for more than 30 years. This valuable resource has provided domestic violence programs, advocates, victims and survivors information about shelter programs across the nation and has been used by many to help those trying to safely escape their abusers with that process.
Thanks to the generosity of the Avon Foundation and our wonderful partners in production, Theresa's Fund the Directory will be updated this summer! We are very excited to announce that because of this partnership, this cutting-edge resource will be available later this summer via a new website called
For the first time ever in the U.S., some 250,000 data points on 2,000+ providers will be available on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. This will allow easy access to important data, and will make it much more accessible both to shelter programs nationally and people seeking help.
Additionally, the site will empower victims to quickly and easily find nearby help that matches their needs, language, and other preferences. Most people conduct searches online these days when making choices. And will be the first "one-stop" online resource for just about everything they need to take that first important step. Rest assured though, addresses will not be released or publicized and searchers will be directed to websites only to maintain safety and confidentiality. is the idea of a family foundation called Theresa's Fund that has been an active, successful domestic violence change agent and resource in Arizona for more than 20 years. In February they began surveying providers around the country with the intent of launching as their own initiative.
However, as word spread about their important work, NCADV was made aware of their endeavor through our members and movement friends and thus reached out to Theresa's Fund. Long story short, after a number of meetings, we both decided the greatest impact would happen if we collaborated on the project.
Today we need your help in collecting information about your organization. Your participation is the key to being the powerful force that it can be in changing lives. You may have completed a survey for Theresa's Fund previously by phone or online but we ask that you take it one more time since we have revised the survey to make it more inclusive and comprehensive. Please let us know if you discover any issues while taking it as your feedback is very important to us. You can email us with those issues at
Please take this survey by June 30th, 2014. It's free to participate.
We will be launching this summer, and to make this important and revolutionary resource available to your organization, and more importantly to the victims that need it the most. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Guess Who is an #AXO?

Thank you Sorority Spirit owner and Gamma Chi alumna (Stetson) Marlene for this neat Facebook post:

2014 Daytime Emmy Awards: The Young and the Restless Wins Big! Plus, See the Full List of Winners

Tracey Thomson, the ΑΧΩ from Beta Sigma chapter, looks beautiful in the long red gown, with the writing team from The Young & The Restless. Congratulations to Tracey and her colleagues!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Support DVA without Spending a Dime

From the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

Save lives and help the environment--donate  your unwanted cell phones and digital electronics to NCADVA.

NCADV partners with Cellular Recycler for the collection of used cell phones and select digital electronics. We receive a portion of the monies that come from the sale of refurbished cell phones to support our programming that helps stop violence in the home.

Cellular Recycler's mission is to create a nationwide cellular recycling program to keep valuable cellular equipment out of landfills. To date, they’ve kept an estimated three million cell phones and over one million accessories out of waste-sites. Also, they have their Responsible Recycling certification which is the highest certification given out by the EPA for E-Waste recyclers so you can trust that the materials they collect are recycled safely, reliably, and through means that minimize waste and errors. 
For more information on their programs,

Accepted Items:**• Any cell phone in any condition and their accessories (most wanted: Iphones and Blackberries, but we will take what you have!)
• Laptops
• Mp3 Players
• Digital Cameras
• Video Game Systems
**chargers, accessories, cords, etc. are accepted too!
All electronics donations are tax deductible. Click here for more information.
Click here to get your free shipping label (3 cell phone/small item minimum required. You may also use this label for shipping laptops, game systems, etc.). Have fewer than three small items or want to ship at your own expense? Mail to: Cellular Recycler, Attn: NCADV, 4840 Sterling Drive, Unit A, Boulder, CO 80301.

Hold a Collection! Order collection supplies like boxes and posters here.

NCADV is recycling items to:• Fund programming that empowers victims of domestic violence, connects victims and survivors to helpful resources, and helps them remain free from abuse
• Support legislation aimed at ending domestic violence
• Give support and resources to organizations across the US working to stop violence in the home

How It Works:
• Roughly 60 percent of the collected items will be refurbished and resold
• The revenue generated from the sale of refurbished items will be used to support NCADV programs that help end violence in the home
• The remaining items are recycled according to the highest environmental standards

Donation Acknowledgements:
All donations are received directly by our recycling partner, Cellular Recycler. Cellular Recycler determines the value of each donation. NCADV then receives monthly reports for each month prior and issues donation acknowledgements to donors with the total value of your donation as soon as we are able. If you need an immediate acknowledgement, you are welcome to download the letter found hereand fill in your own estimate of your donation. If you have further questions pleaseclick here to contact us.

About your item's data:
There is no need to clean or wipe information from the item you wish to donate. All donated electronics are either refurbished and resold or recycled for parts. If refurbished, the item's software is replaced with new software which completely wipes any stored information from the device. If the item is recycled, it is crushed down for recycling. Either way, the information on your device will not be compromised and there is no need to completely wipe your device clean.

The value of your item:
The value of all donated electronics is based on the current wholesale value of that particular item (please note: these values differ from what your items might be going for on Ebay, Craigslist and another similar sites' pricing). NCADV receives approximately 1/3 of each donated item's total value. The total amount received by NCADV for your donation is what we include in the thank you letters sent to you following our receipt of your information from Cellular Recycler, approximately a month to six weeks after your donation is received by them. The amount included in these thank you letters is the amount you may claim on your taxes. To see a list of 2014 values, please click here. For items not included on this list, NCADV receives a minimum of 50¢. Please realize every cent counts in this effort! Electronic donations raised over $63,000 for NCADV in 2014 alone!
*Note: If you wish to receive the Ebay or Craigslist value of your item, you can always sell your item privately and donate that amount to NCADV for which we can then give you full tax credit.

Get answers to additional frequently asked questions here.

Have other questions? Contact us.

Thank you for your support for our work to make every home a safe home!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014