Sunday, February 28, 2010

NPC International Badge Day - Monday, March 1, 2010

You can do a "good 'Hera Day' deed" by wearing your badge today and PACEing! Let your co-workers, friends, fellow mommies, BUNCO girls, etc. know you are a Panhellenic woman!

Support Alpha Chi Omega and all our Greek sisters by wearing your badge today. You can PACE and promote the joy of being Greek all in one, easy act!

National Panhellenic Conference - International Badge Day

Girl Scout Cookie Love!

If you are in the market for some Girl Scout Cookies and will be on campus this afternoon, stop by the FSU Alpha Chi Omega house as Beta Eta hosts the Trinity School Girl Scout troop from 6-6:30pm!
(Photo from February 24, 2008 visit by the same scouts to Alpha Chi... this is getting to be quite the tradition! In the picture, collegians, alumna cookie mom, and scouts (two are Alpha Chi legacies!).)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hera Day - March 1st - What is your good deed?

As in ancient times when festivals celebrated the Heraea with processions bearing gifts to Hera's temple, so now wings across the continent on March 1, an unending procession of Alpha Chis intent upon distributing happiness to many for at least one day in the year. One day is scarcely correct for the "March first" spirit is contagious and likely to become a habit.

The altruism of one fraternity enlists the interest of all other fraternities; in few orders, we believe, is there such an enthusiastic, wide-spread enjoyment of an altruistic custom as our Heraea.

Enthusiasm, indeed, of a dignified, womanly sort is one of the best of the fraternity's traditions. And enthusiasm all must have who see the relation of the attainments of the past to present; who experience the beauties and glories of art; who appreciate the capacity of the human heart for friendship and its joys; who have heard the vibrant call for service, and have felt the satisfaction in responding; and who have learned the place of the spiritual in living.

In a word, the traditions of Alpha Chi Omega guide its members into harmony with the fundamental greatness in life.

(History of Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity 1885 to 1928 by Esther Barney Wilson)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MacDowell Month: AXOs Appreciating the Arts

Tallahasseans are lucky to enjoy "Seven Days of Opening Nights" each February. The event brings artists of all sorts (musical, spoken word, written word and dance) to Tallahassee; they perform and teach a few classes for some lucky FSU students.

Karen (Beta Eta - FSU), Tara (Beta Eta), Jenn (Theta Lambda - Clemson) and Laura (Beta Eta) listened with pleasure to the Vienna Boy's Choir on Monday night the 15th.

Tuesday the 16th found Karen, Tara, Jenn and Britain (Beta Eta) beatboxing and breakdancing to Rennie Harris Puremovement performers at the Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre (she's a Beta Eta!) (Read more about Nancy's accomplishments.)

What did you do to celebrate MacDowell Month and Alpha Chi's fine arts heritage?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Local Collegiate Chapter (Beta Eta - FSU) Saving Lives

Many congratulations to ΑΧΩ-BH at FSU and their fraternity pairing ΠΚΑ, for saving children's lives during Dance Marathon. The school raised $450,507.54.

The pairing was #1 in fundraising (for the 5th year in a row) raising over $31,000.
They also won:
  • Most Spirited Organizations
  • Most Spirited Individual Dancer (Cara B)
  • Most Older Dancers
  • They won a free social and
  • They placed THIRD OVERALL!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Gamma Iota's 60 Anniversary Celebration!

Congratulations to Gamma Iota chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, getting ready to celebrate their 60th anniversary at the University of Florida!

The Gamma Iota 60th Celebration will be held the weekend of April 9th through the 11th.  Friday night the chapter will host a BBQ at the sorority house.  Saturday afternoon is the Orange and Blue Game followed by a Banquet in the evening.  Sunday morning they will enjoy a Farewell brunch at the house.  
Please send any questions you have to axogammaiota60@gmail.comKelly McLaughlin (Gamma Iota), legacy of Nadean McLaughlin (Beta Eta) is the alumna contact for Gamma Iota's 60th Anniversary Celebration.  Emily O'Keefe is the collegiate contact.   

Update March 22, 2010: visit the Gamma Iota 60th Anniversary website:

Alpha Chi Omega Babysitters!

One of our favorite methods of connecting collegians and alumnae is our babysitting list. It includes more than a dozen Alpha Chi collegians at FSU who are available and highly qualified to look after kids of all ages and descriptions. I'm always amazed at all the experience the young women have! Not only are many of them trained in CPR, first aid, and lifesaving, but many have worked with special needs children, with multiples (twins and triplets), at summer camps and in school settings. 

If you'd like a copy of the list, please comment here or send us an email. 

We update the list three times a year. Our summer list includes Alpha Chi Omega collegians who go to school out of town and are home for break. We include name, contact information, availability (some are open to overnights and weekday opportunities, depending on their course schedules), and relevant experience.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leadership Tallahassee (SS) ...

is a fantastic organization founded to "facilitate opportunities for interaction with established community leaders all for the purpose of strengthening their bond to the community" and ETE proudly recognizes our sisters who graduated from it:

Juanice H (Beta Eta - FSU) Class 6; Lynn G (Beta Eta) Class 10; Laura R (Beta Eta) Class 12; Susan S (Alpha Omega - Birmingham Southern) Class 18; Kristen S (Gamma Iota - UF/aff. Beta Eta) Class 20 and Hilary B (Gamma Chi - Stetson) Class 25

Currently, our sister Amy K (Beta Eta) is working with Leadership Tallahassee on their First Annual Leadership Conference: Community + Leadership: Empowering Leaders to Succeed, on February 26, 2010 at the all new FSU Conference Center.

They recently opened registration up to the public

We wish them great success with the event and hope many Alpha Chis attend!