Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cupcakes & Cold Case

We are excited to share one of the fun things we did this summer - an evening together taste-testing cupcakes (after a lovely covered dish dinner) and watching Tallahassee native (Leon High grad) Alpha Chi Omega Maddy Curley (Epsilon Chi, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)  in the season finale of Cold Case. Maddy played the "victim" (Cadet Kate Butler) whose disappearance and murder is investigated by the Cold Case detectives. See a clip here.

We pitted our long-time favorite bakery, The Cake Shop, against the newly opened Lucy & Leo's in the cupcake challenge. We tried to pair similar cupcakes to make comparison easier; options included red velvet from both bakeries; The Cake Shop's chocolate with chocolate butter cream icing took on Lucy & Leo's grasshopper, a chocolate mint cupcake; and of course we had plenty of yellow cupcakes with butter cream icing from the Bake Shop (who can resist?) and Lemon Blue Sky (in center of photo at left) from Lucy & Leo's.

Then we had delicious and difficult decision-making to do! The individual winner *best cupcake* was Lucy & Leo's grasshopper cupcake. It was amazing! To be honest, I don't think there was a bad cupcake in the bunch - all were very good. Our winner for best bakery went to The Cake Shop for overall consistency - every cupcake was great, cooked perfectly, with variations of their famous butter cream icing.

In the top picture you'll see some (but not all) of the women who attended the event! Thank you everyone!

After watching Cold Case we all wondered if Maddy really shaved her head or if that was special effects. I think this video audition shows it was real!