Thursday, October 16, 2008

AXOs go to Beautiful Lengths!

Congratulations to Kristen (Gamma Iota, UF & Beta Eta, FSU) on a very successful day of raising awareness for breast cancer and “Beautiful Lengths.” Kristen and 5 friends (including her biological sister Katie (Gamma Iota, UF)) each cut at least 8 inches of their hair to raise awareness for breast cancer patients and survivors. It takes 6 people's hair to make one wig. Beautiful Lengths, a program of Pantene, the American Cancer Society, and the Entertainment Industry Foundation, turns the donations into wigs for breast cancer patients who could not otherwise afford them. See for more info. After my photos you’ll see an article from WCTV.

All 6 donors, including Katie and Kristen (first two on the left), before their haircuts;

After their pony tails were cut…

… and after styling! Katie’s on the left and Kristen on the right…

… and a close up of Kristen’s and Katie’s cute new short haircuts!

The news media was out in force to report on the event. Here is the first report available – it’s from WCTV (and at the link you can watch the video too!). More coming soon!

Pony-tails for Breast Cancer

Posted: 2:11 PM Oct 16, 2008
Last Updated: 2:16 PM Oct 16, 2008
Reporter: Krystin Goodwin
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and six local ladies are doing their part to help breast cancer patients.

Six ladies joined at Envy hair salon, in Tallahassee, to donate their ponytails to patients struggling with Breast Cancer.

Donors are giving a portion of their hair, and a piece of their heart.

The idea began last October, with Kristen Snyder, a Physician [Assistant] at Southeastern Plastic Surgery.

She donated her hair twice before, but says she wanted to donate to an organization that would benefit those with breast cancer.

"I called the American Cancer Society. They said they had just partnered with Pantene Pro-V, and they developed a program called 'Beautiful Lengths.' Then Pantene Pro-V contacted the Entertainment Industry Foundation, and together they work together to provide wigs for Cancer Survivors," said donor Kristen Snyder.

It takes 6 pony tails to make one wig for a patient, so the ladies called co-workers and family members to make the commitment to grow their hair out for a year.

"The realization of it is when they start to lose their hair, cause it really hits home, so, this is just one thing we can do," said donor, Rebekah Mayfield.

One donor was hit on a personal level, when her mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, in April of this year.

She says she moved back home to be with her mother, but continued growing her hair, as her mom underwent Chemotherapy.

"It's an inspiration to me. I really wanted to do something that I felt like I could do that someone can see. I can be there for her, and listen to her, and talk to her, but this is something that I can actually see that I did," said donor Lauren McNally.

There are many ways to help those struggling with breast cancer, but these donors say they are donating a part of themselves, touching lives in a different way.

Some donors cut up to 12 inches each, of their hair and say they will continue to grow and give.