Thursday, July 24, 2014

#AXO is in @ThomasvilleGA too! (@ThomasvilleArts)

Thomasville, GA is a perfect place for a date night or shopping trip from Tallahassee, FL. Check out this recent page from the Tallahassee Magazine for ideas:

And did you know, PLENTY of Alpha Chi Omega sisters live in and around Thomasville? the majority of our sisters in that area initiated at Beta Eta (FSU), Beta Sigma (UGA), Epsilon Pi (GA SW State U, Inactive)

Want to know more about that fun town? They are all over Instagram!
THOM magazine
Blue Coop
Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival

Check out some of their magazines: magazines.

Pick up a copy of #THOM magazine (support the fine arts, of course):

And guess who we saw in the magazine? Our sister Britney (Beta Sigma, UGA and Certified Spinning Instructor at the YMCA)!
(she's seated on the left)

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