Sunday, July 27, 2014

Alumna Initiate: Alpha Chi Omega wants YOU! (@AlphaChiOmegaHQ @snaphappy)

Alpha Chi Omega seeks out Real. Strong. Women. at Universities AND in her communities.

We want to extend the bond of friendship, leadership, learning and service to women who share our mission and vision:  your colleagues, friends, moms, cousins, daughters.

Our alumna initiates receive a mentor and an alumna educator to guide them through the education, and initiation process:  We want educated, engaged and involved members no matter the age.

Learn more about our alumnae initiate program by reading this excerpt from The Lyre.

And an article from the Alpha Chi Omega Headquarters blog.

Or this tribute by our president Amy from Convention 2012 in St. Louis.

We have to mention this page from our Beta Zeta Beta (Houston) sisters too!

Fun fact:  Our talented Executive Director Tami Shields Silverman is an alumna initiate!

ETE is very excited about conducting the ceremony for our candidates from Tallahassee and around the state. Visit our Facebook page, and send us a message if you are interested.

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