Monday, August 2, 2010


Thanks to our caring and interested officers and local Tallahassee-Thomasville-Quincy-St George Island-Perry (etc.) alumnae, our chapter followed up our 2008 National Council Trophy win with awards in two categories at Alpha Chi Omega Convention earlier this month in Washington, D.C.! We won the Membership Outreach Award and the Fine Arts Award.

Jennifer (second from left) accepts the Membership Outreach Award from the 2008-2010 National Vice Presidents:

The Membership Outreach Award recognizes a chapter that goes "above and beyond" in reaching out to current and potential members. The committee was especially impressed with our Real. Strong. Women. Entrepreneurs listing (see sidebar at left). (If you have a business we can include, please let us know!)

Jennifer B (right) accepts the Fine Arts Award from Jen D. of Alpha Chi Omega's Panhellenic Delegation at the Olympian Luncheon Saturday, June 10th:

The Fine Arts Award goes to the chapter with the best "programs to advance the appreciation and practice of fine arts." We are so proud of this award, as we work hard to promote the fine arts all year round. See some examples of our support of the fine arts in these 2010 blog posts:

Y Supporting Sisters in February
Y MacDowell Month - It's Almost Here!
Y MacDowell Month: AXOs Appreciating the Arts
Y Our April - June Calendar - come play with us!
Y Tallahassee Ballet - Supporting Sisters - Fine Arts
Y Artopia for Big Bend Cares - Supporting Sisters

ETE was also a finalist for the Collegiate Support - Local Award, the PACE (Promoting Alpha Chi Everyday) Award, the Communication Award, the Sisterhood Award, the Special Event Award (for the part we played in Beta Eta's 80th Anniversary celebration) and the Domestic Violence Outreach Award.

Here are our official certificates (on left) and one of the note cards (on right) that accompany the awards:
Thank you all so much for all your contributions of time, talent and treasure! Without you we would not be a successful alumnae chapter!

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