Sunday, August 29, 2010


Let's take a minute to thank our dues paying members!
Alumnae dues are voluntary, but without them, our chapter would not function.

How are your dues disbursed?

★DVA & SVA activities in the area (see recent letter from Refuge House for our donation to purchase a car seat)

★Other philanthropic causes

★AXΩ Foundation

★Collegiate chapter support (pre-recruitment, Hall of Commitment, presidential leadership basket) and more.

★Headquarters for National Alumnae dues

★State of Florida AXΩ Days

★Convention costs for ETE delegate

Aimee (Beta Eta)
Amy (Zeta Upsilon)
♪Barbara (Gamma Iota)
Barbara (Beta Eta)
Britain (Beta Eta)
Caryn (Beta Xi)
Cheyenne (Beta Eta) - graduate student
Helen (Beta Eta)
Faith (Beta Eta)
Hilary (Gamma Chi)
♥Jenny (Beta Lambda)
Jennifer (Theta Lamba)
Jessica (Gamma Iota)
Kristen (Gamma Iota/Beta Eta)
Laura (Beta Eta)
Lynda (Beta Gamma)
Maxine (Beta Eta)
Mary Budd (Beta Eta)
Marylynn (Beta Eta)
Maxine (Beta Eta)
Motney (Beta Eta)
♪Ramona (Beta Eta)
♪Sara Lou (Beta Eta)
Terri (Epsilon Zeta)

♪ - Pearl Roll giver
♥ - Hera Roll giver

We appreciate your investment in us!

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