Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hall of Commitment - #TBT to 2014

In preparation for our December 2016 Beta Eta senior graduates, we take you back to 2014 to enjoy the fun of opening the new hall to alumnae membership.

These fabulous alumnae helped usher 43 seniors  into alumnae life and through the Hall of Commitment.

This was the big group, and we always have a second round for those with conflicting schedules!

We hated for anyone to miss their last ritual event for a bit, so we held a "remix" as well a few weeks later.

Our seniors receive a carnation like in Initiation, notecards (encouragement to stay in touch and write thank you notes! #etiquette); a star bowl to remind them of the three stars on the Coat of Arms and ritual; and an electronic notebook we prepared to help them transition into "the real world", and to show them Alpha Chi Omega's relevance for their lifetime. #4lifenot4years.

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