Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stubbs Educational Foundation & Music School #TBT 2012 and 2013

We are so thankful to our alumnae who continue to support the #finearts and our sisters Joy S. Stubbs (Gamma Iota, UF), Eugenia Battle (Alpha Upsilon, UAL), and our Brother of #Hermes Chuck Stubbs (TKE, FSU).

20 Years of #finearts in music for #Tallahassee

More wonderful news from Joy and Chuck:  "The couple presented the Stubbs’ Educational Foundation with funds to establish the Frank and Virginia Brown endowment in memory of Joy’s grandparents. The Stubbs' Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization in North Florida that provides scholarships to children for music instruction.  Chuck and Joy believe that the study of music enhances education as a whole and that the endowment is a lasting way to commemorate Frank and Virginia."
Here we are in the center, bottom photo! Jenn (Theta Lambda), Britain (Beta Eta),
Joy (Gamma Iota), Amy (Zeta Upsilon). Magie (Pi), Tara (Beta Eta)

Chuck (TKE, FSU and Brother of Hermes) and Joy Stubbs (Gamma Iota)

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