Monday, May 26, 2014

#Lyre Badge Love - Highlight HJGreek

A fun reprint from The Lyre magazine, Summer 2008 edition.

Fun Facts:
  • Your badge always goes where? Over your heart, and nothing should be worn above it - if you have a guard or LifeLoyal pin, 25-year member pin, etc., those are worn below the badge.
  • Your name tag? Always worn on your right side.
  • Need a new badge? Contact Headquarters and they will order if for you.
  • Want to ensure a safe place for your badge after you are gone? Below is a short form you can cut out and place with your badge or other personal papers so that your family is aware of your intentions for the disposal of your badge.  To ensure that intentions are enforceable, however, please consult with a lawyer.                                                                                                   Alpha Chi Omega Badge Disposition Instructions 
    I, _________________________, as a member of Alpha Chi Omega would like to designate that my membership badge, a golden lyre badge bearing the Greek letters AXΩ:

    ___ Returned to Alpha Chi Omega Headquarters (5939 Castle Creek Parkway North Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46250)
    ___ Left to my sister, daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter or other direct legacy connection
    ___ Left to _________________chapter to be used as an ________________
    ___ Left to _________________alumnae association to be used as_________________
    ___ Buried with me
    Date: _________________________________________
     Signature:  _____________________________________
  • If you lose your badge or it is stolen, and if you want to protect the heritage of Alpha Chi Omega, join the virtual alumnae chapter Xi Sigma Xi.

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