Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Collegiate Chapter Spotlight - @UFAXO Sisterhood Retreat - #WhyAlphaChi

In honor of UF's fantastic career day in November (shout out VP-ID Cassie Bailey) and volunteering to host #MyJourney facilitator training (shout out Savannah Posgai) for Beta Omicron, Gamma Iota, Gamma Chi, Gamma Pi and Theta Sigma, we are showing some fun photos from Gamma Iota's Fall Sisterhood Retreat.

Sisterhood retreats and activities like KROM, KRONM, KROS fall under the office of vice president of membership programming. Savannah P worked hard with her committee to plan a fun-filled, relaxing and interactive day. The day revolved a "Fall Fair" theme with a special sign, games and a "bake off" (with prizes), yummy snacks and lunch and team building.

We love to see our collegiate chapters engaging in events that strengthen the bond, allow time for relaxation and are safe.

pumpkin decorating
"fall fair" games - marshmallow eating competition

tip for a positive event:  post the agenda and menu - you build excitement & set attendees at ease 

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