Thursday, June 27, 2013

We Love Alpha Chi Consultants #AXO

What do our consultants do? ...

They befriend, they counsel, they comfort, they crack the whip (JK), they enlighten, they evaluate, they model our Real.Strong.Women., #RSW, brand and exhibit Wisdom.Devotion.Achievement., #WDA, in their daily living.

Each collegiate chapter receives at least one consultant visit each school year. Sometimes chapters get nervous when a consultant visits, but really they should get EXCITED. Chapters who excel to the Olive level embrace their consultants, seek their advice and make them 'one of the chapter'.

and if they're lucky consultants and visit Tallahassee, they get to dine with our fun, local alumnae! Arianna (from Baltimore and Kappa Xi initiate) visited us in 2013.
Amy Z (Zeta Upsilon and president); Jenn (Theta Lambda and treasurer); Kristen (Gamma Iota/Beta Eta); Meagan  (Kappa Xi); Britain (Beta Eta); Magie (Pi) and Arianna (Kappa Xi) in front!

Arianna sharing our Backstops and reminding Beta Etas to put our VALUES first!

And we are SO LUCKY to report Arianna will be attending graduate school at FSU! Epsilon Tau Epsilon will get to enjoy her for two more years! We could not be more thrilled!

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