Sunday, January 20, 2013

Refuge House Needs YOU: DVAM is everyday!

Looking for a meaningful to remember Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? How about helping another? As Alpha Chi Omegas we know Hera Day can be everyday; just like DVAM is not for October only.

The Refuge House pantry at the emergency shelter is quite busy around the holidays and the survivors there always appreciate your contributions and assistance. Below you will a few food bag ideas: Please consider those less fortunate who need our assistance. On your next trip to the grocery store pack a bag or two just for Refuge House. You can call Refuge House at (850) 922-6062 to arrange a drop off point.


Every Day Paper Bag
1-(16oz) any dry pasta
1-jar of pasta sauce
1-(8oz) rice
1-box of cereal
1-box of shake-n-bake
1-container of applesauce
2-cans of soup
1-can of corn
1-can of mixed vegetables
1-can of tuna

Must Have Paper Bag
1-box of trash bags (33 or 66 gallons)
1-2lb bag of flour
1-2lb+ bag of sugar
1-box of mashed potatoes
2-boxes of variety snacks
1-bag of dried beans

Wish I Had Paper Bag
1-bottle of dish detergent
1-paper towel set
1-bottle of aspirin/ibuprofen
1-bottle of each adult & children cold medicine

Good for You Paper Bag
1-gallon of juice
1-bag of maseca masa (to make tortillas)
2-cans of fruit
2-cans of beans
1-can of green bean
1-snack pack of raisins
Can’t live Without Paper Bag
1-package of diapers (sizes 4, 5 & 6)
1-package of pads & tampons
2-cans of disinfectant (Lysol)
1-package of toilet paper

Let’s Clean Paper Bag
1-gallon of bleach
1-container of laundry detergent
1-bottle of hand soap
1-bottle of multipurpose cleaner

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