Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Help Us Help Refuge House

As we mentioned in post recapping the 2011 Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship Luncheon and Auction, we are proud to be the winners of the 2011 Philanthropic Grant! In our grant application, we answered this question:
How would your alumnae chapter use the grant on a local level to further your philanthropic efforts?
We plan to expand our work with Refuge House to include additional contributions that will ease the lives of the mothers and children sheltered there. Refuge House is an amazing resource in our community, and unfortunately, it continues to be under-funded. After speaking with Diane Jefferson at Refuge House about their immediate needs, we would like to request the funds to purchase new pillows, twin sheets and towel sets. They give everyone new bed/bath sets when they arrive (and the women/families take the items with them when they leave) so they always have a need for these items. 

How can I help?
- Donate a twin set, a pillow or a towel set for Refuge House by bringing them to any of our AXO alumnae events this spring:
 * AXO FSU Founders' Day Dinner Tuesday March 29
 * Hall of Commitment for FSU AXO Seniors Sunday April 10
 * Salad Days Monday May 2
- Or bring your items to an Alumnae Panhellenic event.
- Bargain hunt for us. If you see a great price on any of the items, either locally or online, please comment below or email us!

The donation drive will culminate on May 2nd. We've invited Diane from Refuge House to join us at Salad Days that evening, where we plan to present her with all of our contributions, and take an amazing photo showcasing your generosity!

Thank you for your continued support of Alpha Chi Omega and Refuge House!

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