Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pay It Forward on Hera Day (March 1st)

(thank you Heights & Highlights from Foundation for allowing us to borrow this ...)

On March 1st of each year, Alpha Chi Omegas around the country celebrate Hera Day by recognizing the organization’s commitment to helping others. Hera was the queen of the Olympian deities, her name meaning “chosen one.” According to the 1935 Alpha Chi Omega history, “On the first of March, Alpha Chi Omega lays her gifts upon the altar of her patron goddess...the members of the fraternity devote that day to the doing of small deeds of kindness, to alleviate suffering, to bring hope to the is a dedication of personal talent, personal effort, to the well-being of others less fortunate.”

Hera Day is the embodiment of the “pay it forward” concept, the idea of doing good works for others to repay the good that you have experienced. In just a few weeks, Alpha Chi Omega members will volunteer at local domestic violence shelters, assist with Habitat for Humanity builds, visit hospitals and nursing homes, or simply lend a hand to a neighbor in need. There is no doubt that on this day of service our collegians and alumnae will be actively working at making a difference for those around them.

As members of this Fraternity, most would agree that we have been privileged to reap the benefits of a life-changing organization. So how can you pay it forward in terms of Alpha Chi Omega? Gifts to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation are one way to make an impact. Without the contributions of alumnae, Alpha Chi Omega cannot meet the needs of today’s women and plan for the needs of tomorrow’s sisters. Your contributions to Alpha Chi Omega ensure that the next generation can have all that you experienced…and more.

So this Hera Day, in addition to personal service for others, consider making a gift to the Foundation in honor of three Alpha Chi Omega members who have touched your life. While the Foundation will notify the honoree of the gift, tell her yourself why she made your world a better place and encourage her to pay it forward by honoring those who have been a positive influence on her life. Start a circle of kindness and be amazed by the generosity that abounds!

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