Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hall of Commitment = win ... Photos = fail

One of the great joys and honors for an alumnae chapter is to host Hall of Commitment (Third Degree of Initiation) for the senior and transfer collegians.

When opportunities arise for sisters to share in ritual, they remember The Bond that unifies them and the values they strive to uphold. One of our alumnae said it best on Sunday, "Every time I hear this ceremony I learn something new." How refreshing and exciting to remain inspired by ceremonies envisioned more than 100 years ago.

Sorry we forgot a camera to document the event, but we do want to recognize our sisters!

Thanks for giving of your time to help cultivate our future alumnae!
Barbara (Gamma Iota, UF)
Chelsie (Iota Psi)
Erin (Iota Psi)
Kim (Beta Eta)
Jenn (Theta Lambda)
Jennifer (Iota Psi)
Tara (Beta Eta)

Welcome to the Third Stage of Membership!
Julia A
Lindsey G
Sarah L
Katie W
You will be missed.

We hope this blog post inspires YOU to remember your pledge to Alpha Chi Omega. Live with Wisdom, Devotion and Achievement today!

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