Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lyre Preview/Convention Recap

Epsilon Tau Epsilon member Britain Dwyre (Beta Eta, FSU) served as a Convention reporter at Alpha Chi Omega's National Convention in July, and as such, she'll appear in the next issue of The Lyre magazine. Pretty exciting! A separate article that she wrote appeared on the Alpha Chi Omega blog, and in case you didn't see it, here is a link and an excerpt:

Alpha Chi Omega Convention 2010, In My Words

by Britain Dwyre
(Beta Eta, Florida State University)
According to Webster’s dictionary a Convention is a large meeting or conference, esp. of members of particular profession. While this definition works, I argue that Alpha Chi Omega Convention is SO much more. Convention to me is five days to reconnect with sisters and friends and a time to make new connections! It is a time to celebrate, to learn, and to shop. Convention is a time to stay up late and wake up early, and to do as much in between the prior as possible. Convention is the most fun you will have with 800+ of your sisters, that only happens every two years.
In the weeks leading up to convention many emails, tweets, and Facebook messages are sent coordinating meetings, presentations and reunions. Packings lists are made, analyzed and amended. Blog posts are done sharing past conventions, offering wardrobe advice and showing support for the Star Booth. Pre-Convention shopping takes place for: reunion night dinner decorations, Stars honoring those Alpha Chis who have impacted us, last minutes wardrobe “essentials” for convention, etc. After all of this is complete I had a suitcase weighing 49.5 pounds (*sigh* I am under the Delta imposed limit). I am ready for convention.

Read the rest (and see a photo) here!

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