Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Alumna Initiates March 2016 #TBT

Jessica Flannery, Dr. Susan Fioritto, Dr. Lydia Hanks

Jessica is the lucky mom of past president 2016 Lauren
Susan serves as the Dean of the Entreprenuer Program in the College of Business and the chair of the FSU Faculty Senate
Lydia teaches in the School of Hospitality, volunteers for the Red Cross, and is a Big Sister

Wouldn't be an AXO event without gifts! Give some "kindness and refinement"

Alumnae #PACEAXO too! We want them to be proud!

Sponsors and sisters when we go to brunch afterwards at Madison Social!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Stubbs #FlashbackFriday

This memory with our Beta Eta collegians Alicia, Gina, Alessi, Caleigh, Anna, Kellie and Franklin is from February 2015. Can't wait for Stubbs Educational Foundation's 2017 A Night on the Red Carpet!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Alumnae Panhellenic of Tallahassee 2016 - Scholarship Event! #TBT

It's time again for the Annual Alumnae Panhellenic of Tallahassee Scholarship Luncheon!
Once again, our alumnae sisters are involved in the event with Karen Detrick Ellis as the chair.

In preparation of excitement and thanks to Karen (last year's chair), and Malena Allison (APT president last year) we are doing a "Flashback Friday" to last May when the event was held.

Last year and this year showed us a change of venue:  Fun times at the University Center Club at the FSU Stadium. Make sure to search our blog to see photos from the many years we have supported this event.

Can't wait for this year:
Want to join us for APT event? Find them on FB:

Karen declaring the event a success, and thanking the crowd

scholarship winner, Tara R (Beta Eta), DZ scholarship winner

Malena introducing the 2016-2017 Alumna Panhellenic of Tallahassee Officers

Our sister Malena (Beta Omicron), 2015-2016 president, presenting the scholarships
Tara R (Beta Eta) and Panhellenic sister enjoying their free hand paraffin!

Bobbie, Kappa Alpha Theta, sharing what their alumnae will do with the grant they received for CASA
more auction tresures
Jenn Butler (Theta Lambda) said that wine basket on the right was AMAZING

Homemade goodies; all for a great cause!
we are so appreciative of the many donations - wouldn't work with out donations of time, talent and treasure

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

#GivingTuesday - AXO Foundation #AltruisticAXO

What is Giving Tuesday?
Remember when we highlighted the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation last year?

Perhaps you are asking again:  What does #AXOFoundation do? Why do they need all 10,000 living members to contribute? Please see below:  This is the amazing work Foundation and our contributors do!

Today's gifts go toward our #AXOScholar sisters! Did you receive and AXO scholarship? Do you know a sister who did? It's your turn to #payitforward and help future sisters!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hall of Commitment - #TBT to 2014

In preparation for our December 2016 Beta Eta senior graduates, we take you back to 2014 to enjoy the fun of opening the new hall to alumnae membership.

These fabulous alumnae helped usher 43 seniors  into alumnae life and through the Hall of Commitment.

This was the big group, and we always have a second round for those with conflicting schedules!

We hated for anyone to miss their last ritual event for a bit, so we held a "remix" as well a few weeks later.

Our seniors receive a carnation like in Initiation, notecards (encouragement to stay in touch and write thank you notes! #etiquette); a star bowl to remind them of the three stars on the Coat of Arms and ritual; and an electronic notebook we prepared to help them transition into "the real world", and to show them Alpha Chi Omega's relevance for their lifetime. #4lifenot4years.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Alpha Chi Omega Convention 2016 - #AXOSunshine

It might be chilly and fall-like, but we are remembering back to "fun in the sun" with our sisters in Orlando on this #FlashbackFriday.

We didn’t win any awards in 2016, but we still had fun! (Awards from Convention 2012, #AXOattheArch, and Convention 2010). The Beta Eta chapter won the Community Relations Award, and we were thrilled for them! Xi Omega Xi, the alumnae chapter we share with Beta Eta also won TWO awards (many thanks to their president and Beta Eta chapter advisor, Britain!):  Sisterhood Award and Long Distance Collegiate Support Award!

Plan to join us in Austin, TX for Convention 2018. Jenn said, "Will the hashtag be #KeepAXOWeird?" (love it!)

A photo montage from our treasurer JSBH to share “What’s Convention Like? …” Answer:  AMAZING!

We were so fortunate to enjoy the company of five current collegians at Convention!
Anna, Mckayla, Whitney, Gianna, Mindy